Rules and Guidelines

PACKET PICK UP: FRIDAY – Smith Center at the MARC 5-8 PM                                                                                      Saturday – Prairie Trails Park 6:30-8:30 AM

Racers can drop off their equipment at staging areas starting at 6:30 AM on race day.

We will have shuttle buses running every 15 minutes starting at 7:30 AM from the MARC parking area (near the finish) to the start at Prairie Trails until ½ hour before the last racer starts.

Tandems:  Both people paddle downriver in same craft.  Each then bikes and runs the course.  Times combined to determine final place.  Tandems involving a youngster 10 or under are allowed to use a “Tag-Along” bike attachment for the biking portion of the course.

Double Tandem:  Both people paddle downriver in the same craft.  Both people will ride on a tandem bike with each other.  Each individual runs the 5k – you do not have to run together.  Both times will be combined for results.

Relays:  2 or 3 people compete as a team. Each person does a leg of race and then transfers bib to teammate.  Teammate then continues on in race.  For 2 person team, it is permissible for 1 person to do any 2 legs of the race.

Bibs must be worn on front of shirt and not covered by any clothing.

Relay teams – Make sure 1) you wear your bib on front of chest 2) you transfer your bib or your time will not be correct!  Bib transfer is to be done in the transition area.

If any participant withdraws from the race at any time, please alert a race official.

In the event of severe weather (lightning, potential tornado, extremely high winds, hail), race officials will determine if the race is delayed or postponed or run in a series of waves.

Paddling Portion

The first racer will launch at 8:30 AM.  Every 30 seconds a racer will be launched according to the schedule produced by T & H timing.

Certified PFD must be worn for paddling portion of race

Volunteers will assist you when you reach the paddle/bike transition.  Volunteers will pull the craft from the water and place it on land as you jog to the bike transition zone.

Head phones are not allowed on the paddling portion.

Bike Portion

Bikers will be given neon ribbon to affix to their seat post or helmet so race personnel can distinguish racers from recreational bikers.

Please have your bike in the transition area by 8:00 AMParking is located North of 3rd St from the bike transition zone in Stange’s Park.  A bike mechanic from Coasters Cycle Works will be stationed within the area to assist with small repairs, pressure, etc.   

Transition Area – No biking in the transition area

Participants ONLY in the transition area (Volunteers will be enforcing this)

Helmets are mandatory on the bike course. Not wearing a helmet can result in disqualification

DOUBLE TANDEM:  a tandem bike is to be used – Both riders ride on the same bike and are able to pedal.  *If one of the participants is 10 or under, a tag along bike trailer may be used*

eBikes may NOT have a throttle

Head phones are not allowed on the bike course

Roads are open to vehicular traffic and bikers must be aware of conditions and obey traffic laws unless directed by an officer of the law.  When in doubt, play it safe.

Volunteers from the Merrill Area Radio Group will be positioned on corners of the bike route.  If you, or know of a participant, that needs assistance, please contact the nearest club member.

Dismount AFTER you cross Hwy 107 in the area designated with cones  and REMAIN OFF YOUR BIKE as you enter the transition area.  Enter the transition area and place your bike on the rack.  Volunteers will be there to assist.

Run Portion

Please no dogs on the course.  There is a dog park located at the MARC for spectators’ dogs.

When you finish the race, a volunteer will take your bib if you are on a relay.

Headphones are allowed on run course but please keep volume low for communication purposes.

After the Race

Please pick up equipment as soon as possible.  We will try to have volunteers stay until approximately 1 hour after the last finisher.  Any items found will be returned to the Smith Ctr at the MARC if not claimed during awards.  Please contact City of Merrill Parks and Rec (715-536-7313) if you have lost any items during the race during business days/hours.

There are parking lots across 3rd street from the Kayak landing and bike transition zones.  Please use them when picking up kayaks and other equipment.

Shuttle service ends after the last participants start the race.

Ballyhoo’s offers a lunch coupon for after the race.

Awards will be held at 1:00 at Cenotaph Park (across the street from Ballyhoos).  Parking along the streets is limited.


*Rules and Guidelines may be updated as needed.  Please check back.