Virtual Race Update

The Black Squirrel Scurry is going VIRTUAL. We are a little bit nuts, but not crazy this year. We want everyone to be safe. We want to support our beneficiaries and we want you to get out and be healthy. Here’s how it will work: Register for the race (no places, it’s all participation). Do whatever type you want: solo, relay, tandem. Do your 2 mile paddle (kayak, canoe, or even SUP this year) anywhere. Do your 17-18 mile road bike anywhere. Do a 3 mile/5k run anywhere. Do them any time, they can even be on different days (How would we know?) Email or message your cumulative time and we will mail you some really cool socks with Shirley Squirrel on them, a participants medal (ever see a squirrel wear a mask? We are looking into that), and maybe another item or 2.  For those already registered, we will be contacting you via email by June 1 for any questions or concerns or contact me.